WooCommerce Disable Product Buy


WooCommerce disable product buy allows you to disable buying functions and add custom user messages.

There are many scenarios where you wanna be able to either temporarily, or fully, remove the buying functionality in WooCommerce.

With KOAL Plugins you get the easiest solution for all of that.

Our plugin allows you to deactivate the buying function, all across the webshop, to enable catalog mode.

You can also disable buying functionality for individual products and write custom messages. Which makes it easy, to add non-buyable products, to your online store.

The plugin is lightweight and created with user experience in mind which adds functionality upon WooCommerce’s existing tools and editing pages.

You get features such as:

Hide “buy” button
Deactivate buy for single products
Deactivate buy for all product
Add custom messages
Status in backend Products list

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