WooCommerce Min/Max Quantity


Create minimum/maximum quantity for products and enter step amounts in WooCommerce.

This plugin extends your WooCommerce webshop, so it can handle flexible products.
A flexible product is a product that either has to be purchased as a bundle with multiple items or handled so that the customer is only allowed to buy the giving step amount, of any specific product, in your store.

This plugin is super lightweight, so it won’t affect any webshop speeds. Though it still packs, all of the necessary features.

It is built on the existing WooCommerce tab, giving you quick access to manage minimum, maximum and step purchase numbers. In the same section where you will find the WooCommerce product quantity status.

Features such as:

* Minimum purchase number
* Maximum purchase number
* Step amount (e.g. a product that only sells in bundles)
* Validation messages based on the cart

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